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July 2002

July 1, 2002
The St. Louis Experience
Cardinals, Green House Debates, and Sven's Spoon...

July 2, 2002
Halfway Gone
2002 Flies Past...

July 3, 2002
Finally... Mr. Show
Indulgence In An Inspired Mid-90's Comedy...

July 5, 2002
The Rooftop Ripoff
Home Town Hero wins a new fan...

July 6, 2002
Yankees Land Jeff Weaver
Good for the Yankees, but bad for baseball...

July 7, 2002
Parking Lot On I-4
And other observations from Orlando...

July 8, 2002
One day till the new CD...

July 9, 2002
Hard Candy Arrives
The fourth studio offering from the Counting Crows is here...

July 10, 2002
All-Star Stumble
A perfect case-in-point for all that's wrong, and right, with MLB...

July 11, 2002
The Dark Side Of The Moon
Movie talk is like a bus stop in Munich...

July 13, 2002
Sinking Into Sweet Uncertainty
Disc read error hell...

July 14, 2002
One Last Chance To Make It Real
Day before the draft...

July 15, 2002
Called Shot
Tombstone piledrivers equal ratings...

July 16, 2002
I've said too much; I've said nothing at all...

July 17, 2002
Early Jump
NFL propoganda films...

July 18, 2002
Declaring War On Sony
The PS2 disc read error madness spreads...

July 19, 2002
Sony Waves The White Flag
All's well that ends well...

July 20, 2002
Midsummer Night's Dream
Hot town, summer in the city...

July 21, 2002
Apostrophe Protection Society
Linguistic snobbishness online...

July 22, 2002
The Music Sounds Better With You
The PS2 is en route to Pennsylvania...

July 23, 2002
Alasondro Alegré As "The Chief"
Captures and politicans turned gladiators...

July 24, 2002
These Days Go Flying By
The great escape...

July 25, 2002
No One Likes To Be Let Down
NCAA Football 2003 makes a strong impression...

July 27, 2002
Heart And Hustle
Don't fade away...

July 28, 2002
NCAA 2003 Teaser
A taste of the sweetness...

July 29, 2002
Separation Anxiety
Separate love from addiction, it's not the same...

July 30, 2002
Maybe Pretty Much Always Means No
Another month flies by...

July 31, 2002
So Many Times We Tried
A good week...

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