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Called Shot

July 15, 2002

Quick update before I head to work... Played another game of Fire Pro G tonight. Kawada & Ultimo Dragon vs. Giant Baba & Keiji Muto. Man, that was a fun match. Great finish, too -- Ultimo Dragon hit a tombstone piledriver on Muto, then Kawada got the pin on Muto as Dragon prevented Baba from making the save. Very nice.

The CBS affiliate switch happened in Jacksonville, with WJXT going independent after 53 years. We're still hooked up with them via FNN, but now we have access as well to WTEV and WGFL (Gainesville station that also flipped to CBS). More options = more opportunities.

Found out that Pink and Lenny Kravitz are playing in Tampa next month. Should be a good show. Might end up going... we'll see. It's on a Sunday night, though. Until later...

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