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Sinking Into Sweet Uncertainty

July 13, 2002

"So tell me what do I need
When the words lose their meaning"
-Jimmy Eat World "Sweetness"

"Which of the bold faced lies will we use?
I hope that you're happy, you really deserve it
This will be the best for us both in the end"
-Dashboard Confessional "Standard Lines"

"It's cool to take these chances
It's cool to fake romances and grow up fast"
-Dashboard Confessional "The Swiss Army Romance"

Trying to write one of these every day is tough. It's like the DiMaggio 57 game hitting streak. No fair cheating and writing one ahead of time, either. That'd be like counting a hit from batting practice. So it's back to one and counting.

For being a good night last night, it was a bad night. Probably makes no sense to you. Doesn't exactly resonate with authority to me, either. But so it goes. Keys in the lock and Playstation 2's that won't work right and trades that don't fall into place like you think they will.

This month, surprisingly, my leading search string for this webpage is for "Golden Tee 2003", though when you count the various searches for PlayStation 2 (or PS2) and "disc read error" that still is in first place. I'd thought I'd managed to fix my PS2 back in May, only for it tonight to decide to give me the dreaded "Disc Read Error" for the first time in more than two months. F*** you Sony for not fixing a frequent and flagrant problem with your PS2 units. Screw you for refusing to own up to your blatant errors. You want to tell people who call that "we've never heard of that" about the disc read error problem?!? I hope you go down like Enron and WorldCom. Bastards.

Tonight Scott Massey came by, and we hoped to have a Madden 2002 grudge match. A chance for him to make amends for my dominance in head-to-head showdowns. And guess what? Grrr Grrr Grrr, the grinding sound from my PS2, then "disc read error". F***ing unbelievable. Makes me want to take a hammer to my PS2. Or the "customer service" rep from Sony who decided it'd be better to lie to the public. Makes me want to sick my station's consumer investigation department on Sony. Arrrgh.

But with all that, tonight looks to be better. Or at least "a reason to believe", if there is such a thing. Should be a good time at the Hyde Park Cafe. I'm looking forward to it.

Would love to talk at length about the situation with things at work, but that's not a good idea. But what I can say is that my contract is up in April. That's nine months away, I know, but you have to think ahead and plan at some point. And if things shake down where I have to leave the Tampa area, that will be too bad. I really like it here. There's so much to love about this region -- the weather, the people, the options for things to do, the beach, the ocean, the lack of snow, etc. But sometimes reality is a bitter pill, while at the same time a liberating force. Sometimes to move up, you have to move down.

But enough of that, even if AC/DC says "Talk about the future, forget about the past." Let's split the middle and go for the present. NFL training camps open soon. Will be interesting to see how several sub-plots play out. How about the Falcons finally smarting up and signing wide receiver Willie Jackson? The over-paying of Warrick Dunn, coupled with the inexplicable drafting of T.J. Duckett, made them the laughing-stock of the league. And rightfully so.

What's your take on this mess involving the battle over the body of Ted Williams? To me, it's embarassing if nothing else to see this played out in public view. Seems like the polar opposite of the way the "Splendid Splinter" maintained his life. An ironic turn of events, if not tragic. Please, let the man rest in peace...

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