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Heart And Hustle

July 27, 2002

"Memories are different from other forms of pleasure and they're different from other forms of pain"
-Adam Duritz

"Devil Rays -- Heart And Hustle"
-Catchphrase for the 2002 Tampa Bay Devil Rays

First of all, it was great to see Aaron Thompson and his wife Valarie last night down in St. Petersburg. We met up at the Yankees/Devil Rays game at the Trop. If you're going to show off Tropicana Field to out-of-town guests, it's best to have the Yankees in town. The amount of Yankees fans in attendance was staggering. Has to be a bit disheartening for the D-Rays players. The loud cheers for the NYY were striking. Brook Gardiner called me on my cell phone during the game, and he was taken aback by how loud the fans cheered for the Yankees. You could never ever get away with this in Baltimore or Boston or Cleveland. Never.

As long as we're talking college days, next weekend will continue that motif. Going to see Werner and Ringo and Craig and even Parker and who knows who else in New Orleans next weekend. Reuniting some of the old crew on Bourbon Street? Ahh yeah. Hope the Big Easy is ready...

Glenn Brown forwarded an e-mail to me late last night from Mike Miller's wife Sarah with their new address. I had written Mike a few weeks back looking to get an address for them. I know he's been busy, I mean the guy just got married. But the e-mail just sounded so pathetic. Here's part of it, so you'll see what I mean:

> mike is slacking off and never checking his e-mail.
> i'm trying to make him
> stay in touch with you (and everyone else he knows),
> but frankly, he's lazy.
> so, as usual, i'm checking his e-mail because
> he's too lazy to get up and
> do it himself.

C'mon Mike, don't jump the shark. I'm tired of losing friends because they get married and then go into this catharsis of self and disappear and become highly unreliable on communication and then finally just fade away. Not to say that friends who haven't gotten married haven't faded too -- distance and time can play cruel tricks -- but the disappearing factor is pretty bad. That made seeing Aaron last night nice, like it was the spring of 1999 again, if for but a few minutes.

The phone's been busy tonight. Write some, then talk with Scott Massey or Jeff Werner or just now with Tali. Guess that stops some tangants from going on too long, though.

Had a guy stop me in line at Wal-Mart last night and invite me to this "talent search" thing they had out by Westshore today. He told me he's a scout for a company called Options Talent, which is a modeling/acting company. I took the guy's card, but pretty much laughed it off. Decided sleep was more tempting than a chance for that "big break".

No dice on Velvet coming down next month. Too bad...

Devil Rays actually managed to beat the Yankees tonight. Imagine that.

I did some redesign work on the Hot Talk page. Still not quite where it needs to be, but it's on its way...

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