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Maybe Pretty Much Always Means No

July 30, 2002

July draws near its close... and I think: wow. This year is zipping by.

Scott Rolen finally found his freedom, as the Phillies traded him to the St. Louis Cardinals. I've known about Rolen since before he started with Philly, as he played high school ball in Jasper, Indiana. I remember in '97 when he broke through in a major way for the Phillies, and ultimately earned NL rookie of the year honors. Now he's going to a strong baseball city. Good luck to him and the Cards.

Trying to get the rest of my 2002 vacation scheduling knocked out at work. Ideally I'll be able to get up to Nashville for that weekend. But we'll see how it works out...

Rumor out of Bucs camp is that the Warren Sapp/Keyshawn Johnson rift is drawing wider. Sapp just doesn't know when to keep his mouth shut. Give Keyshawn credit for not responding in the media, as many others would've been tempted to do...

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