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Midsummer Night's Dream

July 20, 2002

First off, congratulations to my friend Tali in Cleveland, who told me tonight that she's bought a house. Home ownership, imagine that. Sounds like she landed a pretty nice place, too. So good for her making the leap and buying a home.

The Ybor City Brewing Company, which is across the street from where I live, put up a fence recently. I'm surprised it took them until now to do it. I guess they were tired of freeloaders trying to park in their lot, plus I'd think they'd have an extra layer of security with a fence.

The Houston Texans opened their training camp today, thus beginning the mayhem that is the NFL pre-season. It's amazing how fans starved of the NFL for six months will watch intently for any sort of news from camps. Hell, people would probably watch scrimmages if they were televised. And while the pre-season schedule is meaningless, there are a number of games that receive nationwide broadcast clearance. Nationwide! But there's a certain charm to the pre-season, where long-shots and seventh round picks and undrafted free agents try to show that special something to make an NFL roster.

Spent some time tonight trying to formulate a schedule for my fantasy league. We cut our regular season by one game (due to the problem of players sitting out in Week 17), so figuring out a schedule that makes sense and is fair is a bit of a trick. But I think I came up with a decent plan. Hope to draw the team names sometime this week.

I've been working on a webpage featuring the "Hot Talk" genre of radio. If I wasn't working in TV news, I think I'd enjoy being a producer for one of those shows. Anyway, the work is still very much under construction, but I'm giving you loyal commentary readers a preview if you'd like to check out what I've managed to do so far.

I found out today WFLA-TV fired sports director Chris Thomas on Friday. A rather surprising move, since he'd been there since 1988. Will be interesting to see what they do to fill his spot.

Sounds like the NWA TNA promotion is already falling into financial trouble, as the group is moving their weekly PPV show from the Municipal Auditorium... to the Fairgrounds Sports Arena. Yes, I'm serious. I'd have never thought that there would ever ever be a PPV broadcast from there. I think it'd look better to have it from the Father Ryan gym. I wish them luck, but trying to do PPV sales with no weekly TV is a tall order.

I met Napolean from 97X's morning show last night over at GameWorks. It was interesting to see the equipment they had for their live remote. Live promotions like that can be effective, though the Ybor police were being stiff with them, not letting them park the 97X van out front or hang up their banners, etc. Bizarre.

It's hot and humid here -- hope the weather's cooler where you're at tonight...

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