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The Music Sounds Better With You

July 22, 2002

"I feel like the music sounds better with you"
-Stardust "The Music Sounds Better With You

What's up with the Atlanta Braves wearing their throwback jerseys? I saw highlights over the weekend with them vs. the Phillies and thought: "Hmm, that's unusual". But seeing them right now at Florida with them I think: "Hmm, that's overkill". Just an observation.

Had a tough time sleeping today. This shift will do that to you sometimes.

Mailed off the PlayStation 2 this morning. I did a masterful job of packing the thing, if I do say so myself. I benefitted from still having the original box and styrofoam, and the PS2 box fit convienantly into a box I had kept from my move here from Huntington last year. Advantage: packrat.

Work awaits now...

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