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Early Jump

July 17, 2002

"Sunny days, where have you gone?
I get the strangest feeling you belong..."
-Travis "Why Does It Always Rain On Me"

This will have to be somewhat brief. I'm going in to work at 6:30 tonight to help judge for the "Best Of Gannett" competition for September 11th coverage for small markets (for the competition, large market stations judge small markets and vice-versa). It will be very interesting, if not perhaps a bit surreal, to see the coverage. Probably rather depressing too, but the week of September 11, 2001 was a bad one for almost all Americans, I would suggest. It will be interesting to see how the stations in the running performed under those adverse conditions to report what may be the largest story of this decade, or perhaps even this generation.

Just saw the 2001 yearbook for the Kansas City Chiefs on ESPN. You know, for being 6-10, that yearbook made them look like they were unstoppable. Those yearbook specials always make me laugh when they profile bad teams.

Actor Ben Curtis, who plays the annoying "Steve" character in those Dell computer commercials, received a fine from the Screen Actor's Guild for filming a commercial while the SAG's strike was going on. How about they just ban him from doing any more ads, so we don't have to see those stupid commercials anymore?!?

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