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Separation Anxiety

July 29, 2002

"Separate love from addiction, it's not the same
I know I see desperation pulling my strings..."
-Counting Crows "Love And Addiction"

A couple of good songs I downloaded, and subsequently forgot about until recently, are "Infinity Girl" by Stereolab and "Blue Eyes" by the Springbok Nude Girls. A couple of obscure tracks by U.S. pop standards, but both excellent tunes nonetheless.

Michael Westbrook broke his wrist in the Cincinnati Bengals training camp yesterday, and today came word he'll be out for the rest of camp. Great, the injury bug is biting and we haven't even seen the first exhibition game yet...

Feel like I'm being pulled in several directions... Nashville wants me to make another trip home. Huntington's calling out for a second 2002 visit, which is quite unlikely. Evansville invites a return. California still awaits its debut. And the more I hear about Las Vegas, the more I want to give that place a visit. But next on the docket is New Orleans, which is going to sneak up on me this weekend if I'm not careful.

Did I ever comment about the movie The Player? I borrwed it from my friend Adam last month. He and I have similar tastes in movies (Memento, Magnolia, Die Hard, etc.), though I must say he's much more knowledgable about movies than I am (I've lamented on here before about my limited range of depth on movies). Anyway, I decided to borrow The Player and give it a try. And... I was terribly disappointed. The acting was just fine, but the script itself was horrible. I understand the hollywood insider appeal and the spoof factor, but that all still needs to make sense in the confines of a plot. Tim Robbins hears hundreds of pitches a week, yet he somehow firmly convinces himself that he knows who the one pitchman is who's been harassing him? Please. The cameos were nice, but not nearly enough to carry a movie to even passably good status. Lyle Lovett wasn't as bad as I'd expected, but his early scenes are so over the top as to be distracting and inexplicable in the grand scheme of the movie. Don't buy that 7.8 rating on My advice: don't waste your time on it...

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