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NCAA 2003 Teaser

July 28, 2002

Very quick update... Scott Massey brought over his rented PS2 and NCAA Football 2003 last night. In a word: wow! Incredible. The gameplay, the attention to detail, the fun factor, it's all there and then some. We played two games: I beat him running away as Tennessee vs. Texas in Knoxville (though it was 14-10 at the half, thanks to Scott returning a kickoff 108 yards for a TD). Then I won as Nebraska, going on the road and winning at Colorado in a closer game. Thunder Collins stepped it up. I can't stress enough how fun this game is. And with the real names put in there.... wow, I can only imagine how great that will be.

Mike Miller shot me an e-mail today. He says he's been working construction lately, so I guess I can let him slide for now on the whole slow response thing. Glad to hear that he found a teaching job for this fall.

Off to work now. Should be an interesting week...

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