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Finally... Mr. Show

July 3, 2002

The weekend is shaping up nicely. Carli from work also works at 97X, and she hooked me up with two tickets to the Rooftop Ripoff concert tomorrow night in Clearwater. So a special thanks to her for that. From there, it'll be a party in Orlando this Saturday night. Should be fun. I have to work through Friday (TV news doesn't avail itself to many holidays off), but there's nothing wrong with some hard work to go with the fun.

Postage for mailing a letter is now at 37 cents. 37 cents!?! In some ways, I suppose I should be amazed that you can mail something clear across the country for just 37 cents. But on the other hand, a mere 15 years ago it only cost 20 cents. That's a near 100% increase. Stiff.

Here's a tip -- going "out of network" for your medical service is not recommended. Circumstance lead me to do that, and I've been in paperwork up to my neck. Instead of insurance talking directly with the doctor's billing people, they send everything through me. Hard to keep track of it all. The price we pay for health...

The Red Wings signed goalie Curtis Joseph yesterday. Doesn't seem right, much like seeing Dominic Hasek in goal for Detrot didn't seem right. Actually he went via Calgary through some strange NHL loophole (Toronto wouldn't receive draft compensation for losing him, but Calgary would, so Calgary somehow acquired his rights and then saw him sign with Detroit). CuJo is still one of my favorites, even if it means he'll be tending goal for an always-tough Detroit team.

I've had some interesting hits lately in people finding various pages on here... Everything from "ballbusting moves" to "Agassi vows to be back at Wimbledon". It's funny sometimes how it will pick out unrelated words and match them together. Or occasionally disturbing (like the "Yzerman no shirt pics" hit from last month).

I watched the first 90 minutes of the Mr. Show tape that Scott Massey let me borrow. I haven't laughed so hard in a long, long time. Brilliant, inspired stuff. Makes me mad I didn't have HBO in that 1996-1997 era (though I didn't have cable, or ever at times a TV, in there).

My brother Matt has started doing his commentary column again. Good for him. It's interesting to hear perspectives and insights from people you're close with, things that you might not otherwise learn.

Time for work now. Have a Happy 4th everyone.

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