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Halfway Gone

July 2, 2002

First of all, I think Leonard Shelby from Memento has taken control of my web host. I spent more than an hour last night finishing up the Monday column (about the St. Louis trip) and writing the Tuesday column... only for my ISP to forget everything I'd done. It had been acting a little funny when I logged in, so I decided to back up my long Monday column (thank goodness). Unfortunately, the original Tuesday column was lost. I'm not pleased.

I lamented about passing the halfway mark of 2002. Man, this year is flying by. Seems like New Year's was just the other day. I suppose I'd better enjoy 2002 while it's here.

Michael Westbrook signed with the Bengals, which is good for my fantasy football team. All I need is for Ricky Watters to land somewhere and I'll be set...

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