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July 8, 2002

"'Cause I've been thinking I'd
Like to see your eyes
Open up real wide the minute that you see me
If you don't come through
I wouldn't wait for you
I understand that everyone goes disappearing..."
-Counting Crows "Up All Night"

These continue to be interesting times. One day until the brand new Counting Crows CD, Hard Candy, comes out. I can't wait. Shauna e-mailed me this morning to talk about it. And it turns out that Carli at work is a major CC fan, too. She's seen them seven times in concert -- outpacing my two times. Turns out we were both at the Lake Buena Vista show last year, but we didn't know each other then. But with the Counting Crows, along with some really good music, the lyrics by Adam Duritz come from personal experiences that manage to strike a chord with a wide range of people. The fact that I heard "August And Everything After" about 200 times in the fall of 1998 in the snooker room at Harlaxton College in Grantham, England, and never grew tired of it, speaks volumes to me about the depth of their music.

Home Run Derby is going on right now on ESPN from Milwaukee. Baseball has its share of problems, between the steroid scandal and contraction and the financial disparities, but it's still amazing to see guys go out there and crank those deep HR's. It's a little tough though for Chris Berman to do his "back back back back gone" thing -- like the GOOOOOOOOOOOOOL! guy from Spanish-language soccer broadcasts during penalty kicks. It's just not the same.

Found out that Oasis is playing at the House of Blues in Lake Buena Vista next month. Unfortunately, it's on a Sunday night, so I can't go. Damn.

One of the broadcasters (Curt Schilling I think) just compared a Sammy Sosa home run to Plinko. That made my night. Later.

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