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Hard Candy Arrives

July 9, 2002

"I'm just waiting for the show
Cause I got no where to go
So, why should you come when I call
I never say nothing at all
Why do I go, when I go
It's leaving me here all alone"
-Counting Crows "Why Should You Come When I Call"

"Interstate 65, heading down to Cashville..."
-Nappy Roots "Awnaw"

As I type this, I'm listening to the brand new Counting Crows CD titled "Hard Candy". Excellent work. Lives up to the CC name, for sure. It was worth the wait.

Of course, one thing that really annoys me about this and the Home Town Hero CD I bought is that it's a so-called "Enhanced CD". But all the Enhanced means is that I can't play it in my computer CD-drive. What a bunch of crap. I could use my boom-box CD player, which unfortunately only played out of one speaker (for reasons unbeknowst to me) or my front room CD player (which has trouble reading discs sometimes, possibly because it's 5 years old and was moved around several times during college and my moves after school). Up yours, RIAA.

Question: if the All-Star Game is supposed to start at 8 PM Eastern, and it's 8:39 PM as I type this and they're doing the introductions... then what's going on? Of course the answer is people like me will tune in for 40 minutes of build-up, filler and fluff. That's how it goes.

Want to hear a good song that transcends genres? Check out "Tao of the Machine" by The Roots and BT, from the Blade 2 Soundtrack. Electronic meets hip-hop. Great stuff. Their performance on Last Call With Carson Daly was great, as well.

Good grief, it's 9 PM EDT and they're still doing pre-game stuff. No wonder baseball is having trouble with younger fans. This thing won't be over before midnight EDT. At least I can see most of it at work, though...

Had a cheesesteak from Miami Subs for dinner tonight. Mmmm. I don't indulge in red meat and fries all that much, but damn that was tasty. Very good...

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