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January 2003

January 1, 2003
A new year is born...

January 3, 2003
Curveball Hitter
Can the Colts cover Coles...

January 4, 2003
Fiesta Thriller
Miami and OSU have one for the ages...

January 5, 2003
Consider This
Comebacks and what not...

January 7, 2003
Something Chosen
Overused phrases...

January 8, 2003
Several definitions...

January 9, 2003
Just Bring It
The first of several long weekends...

January 10, 2003
Opportunity Knocks
Coliseum and playoff football...

January 12, 2003
A Surreal Weekend
Something to talk about...

January 14, 2003
Dead Letter Office
Super Bowls and disappointments...

January 16, 2003
Confrontation and adulation...

January 18, 2003
Almost Schmidt
The Scott Rolen story...

January 26, 2003
Quite A Start
2003 is off to a fast beginning...

January 27, 2003
Super Bowl Celebration
The Bucs win the big game...

January 29, 2003
Loopy incoherence...

January 30, 2003
Juice Fiend
Fruit juice gone wild...

January 31, 2003
Zithromax Is My Friend
On the upswing...

December 2002 / Feburary 2003

Commentary Archives

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