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June 2002

June 1, 2002
Saturday Night Special
Bad baseball, observations, and shows that disappear before their time...

June 2, 2002
You can learn quite a bit watching Spanish-language TV...

June 3, 2002
Not Bad For A Monday
So it goes...

June 4, 2002
California Trip In Jeopardy?
Decisions, decisions...

June 5, 2002
Bad News: Trip In Doubt
With 48 hours to go, decisions must be made...

June 6, 2002
Mixed Emotions, Brick Walls and Hack-A-Shaq
All dressed up, no place to go...

June 7, 2002
Changing Sleep Patterns
Not as easy as we'd like it to be...

June 8, 2002
NHL Finals vs. Tyson/Lewis
Decisions, decisions...

June 9, 2002
Triple Overtime Observations
It could end at any time, or play on indefinitely...

June 12, 2002
Clearwater Beach Antics
Plus commercials and MP3 curiosities...

June 13, 2002
Definition Of A Vacation
Florida-style fun...

June 14, 2002
Nashville Arrival
Welcome back to the Central Time Zone...

June 15, 2002
Nashville Nights
Distinctively Nashville...

June 16, 2002
World Cup Chaos
When Captain Morgan showed up, I knew it would be a crazy night...

June 17, 2002
Early Monday Morning Musings
A minute-by-minute look at the shift back to staying up at night...

June 18, 2002
Summer Swoon
On the net before I head out the door...

June 19, 2002
Starbucks Interlude
Hot chocolate thoughts...

June 20, 2002
End Of An Era
Brian Kargus parts ways with WTSP...

June 23, 2002
Golden Goal
Inexplicably down in the dumps...

June 24, 2002
Holding Pattern
Over and over and over again...

June 25, 2002
This Picture You See
World Cup action deferred...

June 26, 2002
Another Look
What a difference a day makes...

June 30, 2002
Back From St. Louis
Brief thoughts following a memorable trip to Missouri...

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