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Overtime NHL Finals vs. Tyson/Lewis

June 8, 2002

"Like I was born on Saturday
Got buried on Sunday
Thought I'd never get caught
Feel like I just got married and divorced in one day
And it's not my fault..."
-The Living End "Dirty Man"

Game 3 of the NHL Finals is tied as I type this, in the intermission between the 3rd Period and the (first?) overtime of the Red Wings/Hurricanes. I had intended to seek out the big sports bar in Ybor for the Tyson/Lewis boxing match from Memphis (which starts in about 5 minutes, as I see 11:10 PM EDT on my clock), but overtime NHL finals hockey wins out over a boxing match that may or may not be shown there. Blame Brett Hull for scoring with less than 2:00 to go. I see the Carolina Hurricanes, and there are many similaries that can be drawn with the NFL's Tennessee Titans and their classic January 2000 Super Bowl with the St. Louis Rams.

At the same time, people will be talking about Mike Tyson vs. Lennox Lewis. No way I'd shell out the scarilla for the PPV. But, going to see it somewhere is not out of the question. But now I hear Gary Thorne talking, the best hockey broadcaster in the business (and there's no one else close), and this column must come to a close...

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