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Definition of a Vacation

June 13, 2002

For being a backup, last-minute style plan, this has turned out to be a really good week. Finally having the chance to experience some parts of the Tampa area I'd missed out on has been great. And it keeps getting better -- tomorrow I'm heading up to Nashville for the weekend. Which means I'll have to take it kind of easy tonight over at Red Dog, but that shouldn't be too much of a problem. I can deal with this schedule: writing and playing games and watching movies and working out and partying. Very fun.

Last night I found out why people rave so much about Wednesday nights at the Green Iguana. The place was packed with hot women, the music was bumping, and it was a great atmosphere. Met up with James and his friend Matt and did the typical Ybor thing. The $1 bottles at the Iguana were nice, for sure. Hard to keep track of all the sub-plots and what not that went down. The only downside is that the bums were out in full force last night trying to panhandle.

What are the odds of this... with MP3 on shuffle mode, the first two songs were both Craig David tunes (Seven Days and Fill Me In). One interesting thing in Seven Days is how he says he got the girl's "six digit number"; in England, phone numbers only have six digits (compared with seven here in the United States). I wonder if many people noticed that? He says the line super-fast...

The Lakers completed the sweep of the Nets last night. Can't say that was any sort of surprise. Without anyone to come close to neutralizing Shaq (like Vlade Divac), it's about impossible to stop the Lakers. The halftime interview with David Stern by Bob Costas was interesting. Costas asked some tough questions, and it was entertaining to see Stern try to answer them. It looks like the NBA will finally smart up and use instant replay in the closing seconds of a quarter if there's a question on when the shot was released. About time, if you ask me.

My brother Matt tells me he's stunned that I haven't seen the Kobe Bryant McDonald's commercial mentioned in yesterday's commentary. Maybe it's just bad luck, or perhaps more like good luck since the ad has received negative comments from everyone I've heard mention it. But now with the season over, I doubt I'll see it. Oh well.

My fantasy football league's 2002 Draft is less than three weeks away. I've traded some players to land extra picks (six in total; I started with three). Two picks in each round, and I've got a pretty good gameplan (at least I think so) for what groups of players will be available in certain spots. The skill level of the league is so high now that it'd be tough to duplicate the success I found in the 1996 Draft, where I managed to pick up Eddie George, Terrell Davis, Curtis Conway and Jason Elam (stolen from Brook, who released him after the 1995 season to get his roster to 15 players with the intention of picking him back up in the draft). But I doubt we'll have any moves like Nathan Steele made that year where he passed on Davis and George to take Steve Walsh in the first round. That just doesn't happen anymore. Which is probably for the best for the league.

Just threw some clothes in the washing machine... need to knock out the laundry today so I'll be set for Nashville. And have something to wear out tonight.

Had to stop for a minute to answer the phone. My friend Josh Tenisci just called me... turns out he's about to fly to Los Angeles. So he won't be in Nashville this weekend. Ironic that he's going to Cali, since that was where I was supposed to be right now... Hope his job interview out there goes well.

By the way, if you use Kazaa Lite, be cautious of the "upgrade" it offers you to go to Version 1.7.1. That actually installs the regular Kazaa, with the spyware and annoying pop-up ads and what not. As I type this, the dot com Kazaa Lite site is down for repairs, but you can go to the Netherlands Kazaa Lite site and get the English version there.

That's it for now... Here's hoping Carolina can extend the NHL Finals, though Detroit will make it tough for them at Joe Lewis Arena...

MP3 Random Mix:
Craig David "Seven Days"
Craig David "Fill Me In"
Goldfinger "Here In Your Bedroom"
Counting Crows "We're Only Love"
ATB "9 PM"
Mock Orange "Walk Away"
Dashboard Confessional "Age Six Racer"
Usher "You Make Me Wanna"
Daft Punk "Revolution 909"
Redman & Method Man "How High"
Kaycee "Escape"
Travis "The Last Laugh of the Laughter"
Rob Base "It Takes Two"
(yes, this was on the list yesterday... even with 1,500 plus options, sometimes songs repeat)

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