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February 2003

February 1, 2003
LeBron James' Raw Deal
Eligibility insanity...

February 2, 2003
2003 Gasparilla Day Parade
Like something out of a Coors Light commercial...

February 4, 2003
The Secret To Website Hits
And other insights...

February 5, 2003
One Door Closes, Another Door Opens...
And there's time for reflection...

February 6, 2003
My time at WTSP is now over...

February 7, 2003
The Move Into Radio
Past, present and future...

February 9, 2003
Hang Glider
Flying free...

February 10, 2003
The Next Challenge
Ahead we go...

February 11, 2003
Free Time
I thought it didn't exist...

February 13, 2003
Start It Up
Rolling right along...

February 14, 2003
Striking For Gold
Jason Terry missed the butterbeater...

February 15, 2003
The Knight Parade Is At Night
And other thoughts during intermission...

February 16, 2003
They're not booing...

February 17, 2003
Everybody's Got A Price
Million dollar dream...

February 19, 2003
LL Cool
Heading to the first coast...

February 21, 2003
Jacksonville Thoughts
Quick first reaction from the big trip...

February 22, 2003
The Lex & Terry Funeral
Welcome to the biz...

February 23, 2003
Truth & Spin Control
Just the facts...

February 24, 2003
It pulls you in...

February 26, 2003
What's My Age Again?
Take themselves so seriously...

February 27, 2003
Sleep Spent
Choices and more choices...

January 2003 / March 2003

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