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April 2002

April 9, 2002
Super Bulldog Weekend
Mississippi, crawfish, and strep throat...

April 12, 2002
The Message
Caller ID takes phone games to a whole new level...

April 14, 2002
Matt Turns 21
My bro hits the big 21...

April 15, 2002
Sound The Foghorn
Quickie-update about rational thought, or lack thereof...

April 16, 2002
"Whammy" a Disappointment
Attempt at a Press Your Luck revival misses the mark...

April 21, 2002
The things I remember about the NFL Draft, and the things I forgot about Friday night...

April 22, 2002
Second-hand Comments From an NFL Draft Pick
Who'd have thought Jeff Chandler would be picked before Alex Brown?

April 24, 2002
Trip Planner
Huntington now, California down the road...

April 25, 2002
Fighting for June 28th
My old friend Mike Miller is getting hitched -- think I'd miss that???

April 26, 2002
Flying Out
A few thoughts before I go...

April 29, 2002
Huntington And Everything After
My, how a weekend can fly by...

April 30, 2002
Bad Battery
My car almost didn't have the juice to crank it...

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