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April 21, 2002

"The things I remember, the things I forget..."
-Counting Crows "Raining In Baltimore"

As I counted the hours down to the NFL Draft on Saturday morning, lying on the couch in a haze, I talked with my friend Scott Massey on the phone. We discussed how bad the 1992 NFL Draft was, and some of the memorable moments of the 1989 NFL Draft's first round. I think I might have actually one-upped him on knowledge of drafts gone by (and yes, I know that's of very little practical value.) I mention this only because more often than not, it's Scott schooling me on various sports players (particularly on the college level.)

Anyway, the topic of the previous night came up. Apparently I called his girlfriend's house looking for him (he was at home asleep at the time.) Problem: I don't remember doing that. Or calling many of the people in my cell phone call log. So if I talked with you on Friday night, there's a distinct possibility I don't remember it. Especially after 10 PM. My friend Josh Tenisci was almost incredulous on the phone tonight when I didn't remember that he'd told me he was in Nashville this weekend. "Don't you remember, I told you when we talked on Friday night?" Ummm... no. I feel like Leonard Shelby from the movie Memento. You know how a dream is when you remember bits and pieces, and much of it seems so incredible and unrealistic and mixes and matches of reality and people you've met and surreal scenarios... that's exactly what this was like. Except in a dream, you don't wake up with some girl's e-mail address written on a business card in your wallet and wonder "How's that get there??" Let's just say I hope I never have another night like Friday night. Ever. And if I said anything on the phone to you that night that pissed you off or made you think I was completely insane, I apologize. Thanks to my friend James for making sure I made it home safe.

On the flip side, last night was fun. My friend Gary came down from Orlando and we hit a few clubs around here. After Friday night's shenanigans, I had no desire whatsoever to drink anything. At all. So I was the sober driver, and it was cool. No forgotten conversations. No unpleasant hangovers. Good times.

Quick rhetorical question: is there a more forced line in commercials today than in the Capital One credit card commercial where the people are in the jungle and the guy loses his card and the other guy says "Don't worry, there isn't another human around for miles"??? That has bugged me for some time now, and they just played that commercial on ESPN. Who would possibly say something like that? I know they had to set it up where the monkeys use the credit card (and I'm all for monkeys in commercials -- animals acting silly usually equals high comedy.) But that line kills it for me.

Back to the draft, I was pleased with how it turned out for the Colts and the Titans. Plus, the Patriots traded Drew Bledsoe to the Bills, which is very nice for me (Bledsoe is on my fantasy football team.) I was afraid the Patriots would keep him, which would have put a major damper on demand for him. Now, the options are wide open. Very nice...

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