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September 30, 2003

Major League Baseball's 2003 regular season is now history. And that means once again 970 WFLA gets to carry the Phil Hendrie show in its entirety once again. It still kills me that the contract Clear Channel has with the D-Rays forces them to carry the Rays on WFLA (a news/talk station) with sports talker WDAE a much more suitable place for it on up the dial. But so it goes with contracts.

The Yankees are in the hole 1-0 to the Minnesota Twins in their Best-of-five ALDS matchup. I hate these best of five deals -- though that shouldn't be misinterpreted as a push for baseball to expand the divisional series first round matchups to 4-out-of-7. Baseball, a sport so obsessed with stats, is already skewed enough in its modern day post-season records.

For those who say a special council should investigate the charges that members of the Bush administration illegally leaked classified information, I say... you're right. Investigate and allow justice to be served. But I don't want to hear word one from you partisan types who tried to spin Bill Clinton's perjury as being simply "lying about sex."

One thing that both major U.S. political parties realize is that the vast majority of Americans are tired of the relentless and annoying pest that are telemarketing calls. Here's hoping that the legislation signed by President Bush (in lightning fast fashion, I might add) specifically authorizing the FTC to govern telemarketing will hold up. But remember, if you get a telemarketing call, just put your hand over the listening part of the phone, say "Take me off your calling list" and hang up. If they call back, then get shitty with them. Telemarketing is a bane on contemporary society.

I suppose that, with Bob & Tom losing WDTW "The Drive" in Detroit as an affiliate that I'll be less likely to see mistargeted AdSense ads promoting cars, engines and what not on the B&T page. Though, I need to clarify, that sort of thing is the exception to the rule with the excellent AdSense program.

Speaking of major market changes by Clear Channel, Q104.3 canned its morning show today. It would've been the perfect chance to bring Bubba in to go head with Howard Stern. The Giants beat the Marlins. Argh. That's no fun. Though it would be tempting to drive down to Miami to see a post-season baseball game -- I've never been to one of those (and the Marlins have a tough time selling out, being in Miami and all).

Scott Massey and I are going to see Radiohead in concert in West Palm Beach on Saturday. I'm very excited about this. Here's hoping that they play "High And Dry". That would be very nice.

Deep Fried Oreos
Does anyone know the fat content of just one of these?

It was a busy day at work in setting up the forthcoming Bubba Army VIP website. We have many things to do, but we're on target to get where we need to be on time.

My DigiQuest benefits kick in tomorrow. About time. It will be nice to not break the bank when I visit Eckerd next time around.

Homer Simpson would be proud: Deep Fried Oreos (pictured to the right). Because, hey, regular Oreos just taste too bland.

Can you imagine how much unintentional comedy there will be from Arnold Schwarzenegger if he becomes the new Governor of California? The inaugural speech alone should be priceless...

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