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September 29, 2003

First off, let's handle a couple of housekeeping issues. Let the record reflect that I'm not mad at all at Riley and Kim about the Slightly Stoopid concert last Thursday night. I guess I wasn't clear enough about that. Don't misinterpret what I wrote as a diss -- Riley and Kim are two good friends of mine, and I mean them no disrespect.

Also, my friend Dennis Goodman weighed in this afternoon with his take on the Chicago Cubs (95 years and counting):

Why are you twisting the knife to all the Cubs fans out there :) Damn, spoiled Yankee fans who feel a championship is their birthright.

At least the Cubs did make the playoffs this season and with Dusty and that pitching, it could be the beginning of a great run. I can only hope.

If you would like daily Cub perspective from me and a buddy, check out

New York Yankees
For the Yankees, victory feels like a birthright.

I continue to enjoy your updates. Later

Fair enough on that. If I had the time and means to get to Atlanta, I'd join Dennis for a little post-season MLB fun. As it is, I'll be watching on TV. As long and drawn out as the MLB regular season is (all 162 games worth), the postseason is really something special.

To quote Big Dick from 98 Rock, the world would come to an end if there was a Red Sox vs. Cubs matchup in the World Series. That would be one hell of a dramatic series, though. Can you imagine the drama? The adulation of one side head-to-head with the heartbreaking pain on the other... It'd be one for the ages, even if it was a 4-0 sweep.

Of course, it'll probably end up being Yankees vs. Braves. And even more people will become disillusioned with baseball. But, nonetheless, I say: Go Yankees!

It was a good sports weekend for me, with the Titans winning at Pittsburgh (ha ha Carli) and the Colts manhandling the Saints in New Orleans. Peyton Manning threw six touchdowns. Six! Those are video game-type numbers.

Exciting times are going on with the Bubba The Love Sponge show, as we're all but a signed contract from landing a new affiliate in Florida. There are a number of other deals pending and/or being contemplated, not to mention the forthcoming "Morning Domination" DVD/CD. Plus I may soon get my own editing equipment, which would give me full control on cranking out DVD projects. This is extremely exciting for me. All upside.

TBS has bought the syndication rights to the HBO show "Sex And The City." Of course, due to the silly rules of broadcasting, the version shown on TBS will be much tamer and edited down. What a shame that they have to do it that way. The edgy storylines, coarse language and racy tone of the show helped make it great. Now it will be watered down for the mainstream.

New York Yankees
GTA: Vice City could save the U.S. millions in tax dollars.

In what sounds like a Kilgo Production, the CIA is reportedly developing a video game aimed to help its agents think like terrorists. I've got news for them, though. They don't need to blow millions in tax dollars inventing this game. Just go out and buy Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.

Thumbs up to the ACLU for its challenge of the RIAA's secret police style tactics going against people who use peer-to-peer file sharing programs. And, in a related note, I'm waiting for the porn star PSAs to start running telling people why downloading porn instead of buying it takes money out of their pockets.

With the Bears/Packers game on in the front room a few thoughts are running through my head: John Madden's senile babbling still makes more sense than what the majority of Fox's B-team color commentators have to say; why doesn't ABC offer Melissa Stark her own spinoff series to get her to come back to replace Lisa Guerrero; an aging Brett Favre is still damn fun to watch; the collapse of the Chicago Bears defense from 2001 to 2002 is one of the great mysteries of the NFL from the past five years; that Dr. Pepper commercial with Run DMC gives me chills -- rest in peace, Jam Master Jay...

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