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October 1, 2003

How about those Chicago Cubs? By beating Atlanta last night, they certainly put themselves at an advantage in their best-of-five series. The Braves would have to win three-out-of-four, two of which would be played at Wrigley Field. Kerry Wood stepped it up for Chi-town.

My health insurance kicks in today. There's nothing to make you appreciate being insured quite like being uninsured. Granted, I had to go through this before with the waiting period deal before my insurance with Gannett kicked in, but this lasted a bit longer. Whatever the case, I've got it now, and there's something to be said for that.

By the end of the month, we'll have the forthcoming Bubba Army website up and running. This will take up the vast majority of my time at work, but it will be very much worth it in the long run...

These late night baseball games are brutal. I wanted to stay up to watch Oakland/Boston tonight, but that game doesn't begin until 10 PM. If the Red Sox lose, there will be some extra-irritable Boston fans going on little sleep over here in the Eastern time zone tomorrow...

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