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A Dose Of Uncertainty

April 22, 2003

No dice on the Research Director spot. Found out this morning. Sucks, but that's the way it goes. It'll be interesting to see how things play out from here. This could mean a move back into TV news. Or even a move from Tampa. I'll do what I can to stay, but money talks, y'know...

There was some thrilling playoff hockey last night, with both the Toronto Maple Leafs and Minnesota Wild securing overtime home wins to force Game 7's with the Philadelphia Flyers and Colorado Avalanche, respectively. Even though it's nice for hockey to be back in the Twin Cities, I despise the Minnesota Wild. Maybe it's their WNBA-level team name. Maybe it's the fact that they're in the playoffs in their third year while the Nashville Predators have never been. Maybe it's because they were on ESPN and ESPN2 all the time this season. Whatever the case, I'll be pulling for an Avalanche win tonight.

Ripoff of the day: I went to a nearby deli to pick up lunch. When they asked what kind of bread I wanted, I told them white. They prepared my order (for a smoked turkey sandwich), I paid and I left.

When I got to the office, I opened the bag and discovered that they hadn't put it on a hoagie roll, which is what I had intended. Instead they literally used white sandwich bread. Plus they put onions on it, which I in no way authorized. Bad times. $5.15 for a freaking sandwich I could've made at home. Guess I'm better off driving a little bit further for Subway...

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