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Planning For Livestock

April 24, 2003

My friend Scott Massey took me to task on the phone the other day about the column I wrote about last Friday's Lightning/Capitals hockey game. He disputes that we spent 30 minutes looking for his car. Maybe he's right, but it felt like a good half hour (we checked a bunch of lots). For the record, I wasn't too upset about it; these things happen. Scott on the other hand was angry enough that he broke an empty beer bottle (and he's normally one of the most in-control and even-keeled people you'll meet).

He also pointed out how there's only a picture of me on the front page. The reason for that? I was tired of being asked "which one is you?" (even though I was in all of the pics from before). Whatever, they're all still there in the pics section. And after all, the website is, not

I'm working on plans to create a new website for the NFL Draft. My NFL mock draft by far gets the most hits of this website (and you thought it was me rambling about the little things that go on in my life that drew people in). Unfortunately, for reasons I've never fully understood, most major internet advertisers shy away from personal webpages. So even though I have an entire section devoted to the NFL Draft, because it falls under the umbrella of my personal webpage, I've been unable to bring in the Doubleclicks and the Burst Medias of the world. Hopefully a separate URL will help on that end.

Speaking of the Mock Draft, I've updated my 2003 Mock Draft with a final 2.0 version. It's alot more of a time-consuming process than you might think; you change one pick and the dominos fall on down the line. I think for the 2004 version, I'll have player synopsises in lieu of how the players and teams mesh (I'll have a list of team needs on the side).

Livestock 13 begins tomorrow in Zephyrhills. This is creating an interesting situation. My friends here at the station are encouraging me to come on Friday night. I could wait until Saturday, which would allow me to go out with Sonia and her crew on Friday night. Regardless, either way it'll be a good time and a fun weekend.

Turns out with Ticketmaster that when an event is cancelled (like Game 7 of the Lightning/Capitals series), the charge is refunded to your credit card. That's all well in good, except that Ticketmaster keeps $3.35 for the "Order Processing Charge". What a scam...

As it is though, Game 4 will work out much better than Game 3 for Scott with the Devils/Lightning series. So we'll see how that goes...

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