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Bubba Army

October 13, 2004

We're less than three weeks away from election day. If you failed to register to vote (and you were eligible to do so), then shame on you. If you are registered, then please, please go vote. Study up a little if need be, then hit the polls. We're in the home stretch with the Bubba For Sheriff campaign, and it will be most interesting to see how it plays out.

Meanwhile, it's looking more and more likely that the Bubba The Love SpongeŽ show will return from its hiatus very soon. The waiting has been tough for all of us involved with the show, and it has been disappointing for the fans who became used to it as part of their daily routine. But it appears very much that we're in the catbird seat when it comes to the whole satellite situation and picking where our destination will be. Both XM and Sirius are good companies, and it'll be a winning situation for us either way.

All those Red Sox fans who had rung in Game 1 as a win because of Curt Schilling being on the mound are singing a different tune today. The Yankees' 10-7 win last night was great for several reasons. It exposed Schilling's ankle injury as being significant -- make no mistake, a healthy Schilling would have been extremely tough to handle. But then the Yanks let the Red Sox get back into it just enough to get their hopes up... only for New York to crush them yet again by adding on two insurance runs and slamming the door with an emotional performance by Mariano Rivera, who returned from Panama (where he had attended the funerals of two relatives) and arrived at the stadium at 8:53 PM Eastern (nearly one hour after the game began) and came in to pitch one and one-third innings of scoreless ball. What a performance.

If that wasn't enough... tonight it's Pedro "The Yankees Are My Daddy" Martinez on the mound. I'm a little bit afraid that he'll turn into Angry Pedro and that all the taunting will turn him into 1999 Pedro (i.e. an unhittable strikeout machine). But I hope that it'll be more like what happened to Roger Clemens on The Simpsons where he became hypnotized and thought he was a chicken.

I'd be remiss to not mention the fun of Monday night, where Scott Massey and I saw Death Cab For Cutie in concert at Masquerade in Ybor City. The opening act, Travis Morrison, was good, though we only saw the final two songs. I downloaded the free MP3s available on Travis' website, and his solo cover version of "What's Your Fantasy" by Ludacris pales in comparison to seeing it performed live. Maybe having the female co-lead singer in concert helped, but the live version of it was great (and I never really liked the original version of the song, and I'm a Ludacris fan).

Speaking of Scott, happy 28th birthday to him. It's hard to believe that he's just a few days away from moving away to freaking Yakima, Washington...

Pro wrestling fans who remember back to the ECW days won't be surprised by this: New Jack (formerly of The Gangstas) faces aggravated battery charges for an incident at a wrestling match in Jacksonville, FL. I've been backstage at two wrestling shows involving New Jack (the first ECW TV taping for TNN held in Toledo, OH and the indie show Bubba worked last year teaming with Dusty Rhodes), and in both cases I remember something interesting happening. In Toledo I remember him talking with some crew members about wanting to jump off this insanely high scaffolding but being told he couldn't do it, and then at the indie show in Pinellas County I remember him sneaking behind a pickup truck that was parked in the spacious backstage area to take a leak. After what he did to a 17-year-old wrestler competing under the name Mass Transit (where he cut him open brutally with an exacto knife and juiced him hardcore style), what happened in J-Ville doesn't surprise me in the least.

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