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Pedro's Daddy

October 12, 2004

If you aren't interested in tonight's Yankees vs. Red Sox ALCS Game 1, then you just don't like baseball. If you're a fan of one team, you can't like the other. Not if you're a real fan. I want to be 41 years old in 2018 and be laughing like crazy at how the Red Sox went 100 years without winning a World Series. I really want that to happen. The blood is that bad there. Though that whole thing about being 41... well that can take its time, thank you very much. But I think you get my point here.

The funniest thing to come out of this matchup is the comment made by Pedro Martinez last year that the Yankees "are my daddy." Talk about punking yourself out! The only thing worse would've been if he'd said "they made me their bitch" or something like that.

Here's some fun... Some of the top twenty search phrases for my site so far this month include "curse of the bambino" (#7) and "red sox curse" (#12). My friend Neal Boling pointed out that some of the Google AdSense ads on here are showing up as anti-Yankee ads, which I could go through and manually block them one-by-one... but let them talk their trash. I'm sure that some bitter Red Sox fans run across this site from time to time and might be interested in what those advertisers have to offer.

No CBC interview for me. The Canadian Broadcasting Company flew a crew down here to interview Bubba The Love Sponge, but they also hoped to interview me tomorrow to get my perspective on the situation with CHOI-FM in Quebec City (which the CRTC, Canada's FCC, is trying to pull the license of right now). I made a very good impression on the producer who I communicated with when they were setting up the interview with Bubba, and they planned to interview me to get an America's perspective on the situation (since most Americans, particularly those living in Florida, likely know little or nothing about that situation). Unfortunately, I just received a call saying that they had a chance of plans and that they had to reschedule their meeting for another time. Oh well. They got their interview in with Bubba, which was the important one for us...

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