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Yankees vs. BoSox

October 11, 2004

Well, here we are again. Yankees vs. Red Sox, take two. New York beat Boston in the 2003 ALCS in a classic series, and while I'm pulling for a Yankees sweep, I imagine we'll see another hard-fought battle.

The website decided to be real clever and direct-link the picture of Don Zimmer (from this article written in October 2003). Now keep in mind, I'm a loyal Yankees fan, and the article in question even illustrates a cardboard cut-out of Babe Ruth with a word bubble of "1918" earlier in the commentary piece. So I took the opportunity to add my two cents in to the BoSox favoring site (as illustrated below).

I managed to combine the 1918 jinx, work in a plug for, and provide a nice thought for Red Sox fans to savor going into tomorrow night. You leech from me, you get messed with. Capéche?

Tonight Scott Massey and I are going to see the band Death Cab For Cutie in concert. It'll be our last hurrah in all likelihood before Scott moves to Yakima, Washington to start life as a news producer...

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