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12th Inning

October 7, 2004

I stayed up last night to watch the end of the Yankees/Twins game... and wow, am I glad that I did. It appeared that the Yanks were on thin ice when Torri Hunter (who is one hell of a center fielder) cranked a home run in the top of the 12th. That gave the Twins a one run lead, and put them just three outs from returning home up 2-0 on the Yankees, needing to win just one of three to advance to the ALCS.

But never doubt the Yankees' ability to hulk up. Minnesota rolled the dice, keeping Joe Nathan out on the mound for a third inning. Bad idea.

I'll spare you the play-by-play, but seeing Alex Rodriguez smack that ground-rule double to tie the game, and then Hideki Matusi bringing home Derek Jerer with a sac fly... well it's moments like that which make it fun to be a Yankees fan. Baseball may have its share of problems, with the inequities and what not, but at least in the post-season you've got a good shot at there being eight good teams involved. And that, more times than not, makes for some exciting situations.

Howard Stern is heading to Sirius satellite radio, and I'm very happy about it. For the Bubba The Love Sponge crew (of which I am a part), this opens all kinds of doors. Sirius wants to land other talent out there to use to build a Hot Talk superpower, while XM obviously wants to counter-act the major coup that Sirius pulled by signing Stern. Advantage: Bubba. Which, in turn, means advantage: me. It will be very interesting to see how Infinity Broadcasting handles the lame duck period with Stern destined to talk about Sirius between now and the end of his contract.

It has taken long enough, but Google is finally starting to update my commentary archives in its search with the .shtml format (versus the .html variety). It's not all the way there yet... but it's a start. And there's something to be said for that.

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