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April 23, 2004

"Logical advice gets you in a whirl"
-Joe Jackson "It's Different For Girls"

"So I said I'm a snowball running
Running down into the spring that's coming"
-Counting Crows "Accidentally In Love"

I have to thank Shauna for pointing me in the direction of the brand new song by the Counting Crows called Accidentally In Love. It's a really good track. If you like the band at all, you should give it a listen. If you have audio on your computer, you can listen online for free (at least as of this writing). Click here to give it a listen, courtesy of

Speaking of Shauna, she's a no go for Las Vegas. Which is too bad, cause that would've been a weekend to remember. Me, her, the Counting Crows... and did I mention Vegas?!? Holy crap. But so it goes.

Meanwhile, high tide seems to be rolling in and knocking over the sand castles in my life that I've been trying to build. Metaphorically speaking. And yes, the beach stretches on as far as the eye can see, all the sand in the world. But it's still frustrating. And if that doesn't make any sense to you, then you know about how I'm feeling at this point.

One saving grace is the situation with work... I spent the bulk of today going through every track in the hard drive, making sure they matched the slug line, and more importantly making sure that they were something to put into rotation for the Bubba The Love Sponge® live audio stream (click here to listen to the 24/7 "Best Of" feed). We'd had some really old stuff on there before, but now we have just about everything from the end of the terrestrial run to the beginning days of the show in rotation.

My friend Ryan Priest made an astute observation about the Google AdSense ads on my main page:

I got a laugh today at the randomness of the Google AdSense placements on your site. The home page still has a reference to your brackets. And what's being plugged? "Plant brackets, stands and containers."

Google is working on its advertising targeting (with some problems), which unfortunately coincides with the busiest week of the year for my website. Google AdSense is a wonderful program, and I love being part of it, but still the timing was unfortunate for me. So it goes.

Speaking of the Draft King site, I was approached about interviews for XTRA Sports Radio in Los Angeles/San Diego and for a Chattanooga newspaper, but neither of those panned out. However, I did get a nice mention in an article in the Albany Times-Union. Read the story here.

I've begun work on adding "server side" header/footer files to my sites, which will allow me to make changes en masse if I want to add/subtract listings on the side, layout styles, etc. It's easier to change two files as opposed to 10,000. So bear with me if some links on here don't seem to work -- I'm going to have to change all the .html files to .shtml files. I know that makes no sense to some of you, but just hang in there with me.

I really need to get some sleep; it's late late night Friday and I need to get up for my draft coverage tomorrow on the Draft King site. The running commentary on the site should be fun. I'm not sure how much my friend Scott Massey (I have to use the title "my friend" before his name -- it's become a running joke in what happens when you do a Google search for the phrase "my friend Scott Massey") will contribute, though even if he doesn't swing by, I'm sure we'll be talking on the phone enough for me to cull some quotes from him to add to the fun...

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