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April 21, 2004

Seeing Bubba The Love Sponge® on Deborah Norville Tonight last night on MSNBC was wonderful, and a night-and-day difference than the hatchet job that HBO and On The Record With Bob Costas pulled on Bubba by throwing him into a lion's den of a panel and then forcing an argument on a faulty premise (regarding decency in society, which is not congruent with decency in entertainment). Norville asked smart questions, allowing Bubba to be himself as much as possible within the MSNBC environment while also addressing the many issues surrounding his program and the "Hot Talk" genre of radio in general.

From what I'm told, MSNBC ran portions of the Bubba interview on its morning programming today (though presumably not during the Don Imus show). It's great exposure for Bubba and the show, and also a good way for MSNBC to expose its evening lineup to people interested in Bubba. Win-win, if you will.

I was watching last night's DVR'd episode of Family Guy today, and I heard a soundclip from Lois Griffin that I thought was perfect. Click here to hear what I mean.

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