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October 4, 2007

This is it for me. Tomorrow is my last day working for Adenus Technologies; beginning this weekend, I'm in business for myself.

I reached an agreement this past week with a company called Fantasy Sports Ventures to provide advertising for, my nearly five year old foray into the world of the NFL Draft. It started as a sub-page on this site, and the overwhelming volume of traffic lead to me moving it to its own URL. And now? It'll be my major source of income.

It's not as if this is brand new; I've been designing websites for 12 years, and in particular working on Draft King for the past few years, so it's not like I'm starting from scratch.

The people at Adenus have been great to work with, and I will miss getting to see them all everyday. I won't miss the early morning alarm clocks and the 7:30 a.m. start to work. Moreover, this move will allow me to employ my strongest skills and apply them to a full-time business venture.

Consider this: when I'm watching college football or the NFL, I'm doing work. There's always a player you can find out more about, and always a team need to be observed beyond just the stat sheet. Now there's not the dilemma of either staying up to watch Monday Night Football or getting a decent amount of sleep.

This is also an exciting weekend, as Dr. Ron Paul is coming to Nashville to visit. I have gone full-fledged into supporting him, a Libertarian running for the Republican nomination. He raised $5.1 million in the third quarter, a very impressive amount for a man that the mainstream media has seemingly done everything it could to ignore.

Dr. Paul is smart and savvy, but he's also principled. He supports individual rights and freedom from government intrusion and the shrinking of a constantly growing federal government system. His ideas are both refreshing and brilliant, and people from varying political ideologies are flocking to his campaign all the time. Anti-war Republicans, Libertarians like me, Democrats who like his ideas over Big Government Hillary... it's quite something.

For many, as with me, it's Ron Paul or bust at this point. Spread the word, and if you're unfamiliar with him or not sure, visit this site and see for yourself.

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