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New Horizon

September 27, 2007

In a major move, I am leaving Adenus Technologies effective Friday, October 5 to work on my website development on a full-time basis. I've been treated well in the duration of my time at Adenus, and I will miss my co-workers.

On the upside, I'll be doing something that I'm passionate about, a perfect storm of college football, pro football, writing, and research. While will be my primary point of emphasis, I will also continue to develop other sites of mine to generate the maximum amount of quality content possible.

Maybe I'll fail miserably and fall on my face. Maybe I'll squeak by. Maybe I'll do just okay. Or, maybe, I'll end up a multi-millionaire out of it. Wish me luck. In the meantime, I can sleep in now, have an excuse to watch even more football, and do something I love.

Ron Paul

I read that Republican/Libertarian Ron Paul will be coming to Nashville a week from Saturday, and I tentatively plan to go see him. He has had an amazing surge of support online, and he has my support for the presidential race. Paul is someone with a very realistic and spot-on view of things who is not afraid to speak the truth about it.

Paul wrote one of the most honest assessments of modern politics in Freedom Under Siege, which is available for free, in its entirety, here. It's 20 years old, but it has, in many ways, even stronger application to the politics of today.

And, if Paul doesn't make it as a Republican, I hope he decides to run as a Libertarian, as he did in 1988. If he could pull 5% of the vote in the general election, that would give the Libertarian Party matching election funds for 2012. That would be *very* nice.

The Yankees are in the post-season for a 13th straight year. Considering how bad the team started, to the point where some people (not me) were calling for manager Joe Torre to be fired (as they were at the end of last year, too), it has been an impressive turnaround. This will probably be Torre's final year with the team; his contract is up and I anticipate that both he and the Yankees are ready to go in different directions. But he is an unquestionably great manager; he won four World Series in five years. 1996, 1998, 1999, 2000, with that 1998 team considered among the all-time best.

I know that the Yankees are vilified by many, but that only makes my support of them that much stronger. Sometimes it's fun to root for the "bad guys", though the Yankees are (in my opinion) the preeminent professional sports organization in the United States, if not the world.

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