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Late Night Shootout

October 7, 2003

Sports fans experienced a rare treat last night, with a thrilling Game 5 between the Oakland A's and the Boston Red Sox followed by an incredible comeback overtime win by the Indianapolis Colts over the Tampa Bay Bucs. The over/under was blown away on the over side, costing me $140 (argh). I should've known when the Red Sox held on to win over the A's in the bottom of the ninth that it wasn't my night. So it goes. But, wow, it was certainly exciting for the objective sports observer. And it will certainly be fun to see the Yankees battle the much-maligned Red Sox. Hopefully the Yanks will find yet another way to break Boston's heart (a la Bucky Dent in 1976).

ESPN2 is starting to run promos for the new "Cold Pizza" morning show that features former ABC 28 (WFTS) sports director Jay Crawford. I never met Jay, but he has a good reputation among the Tampa TV community. I wish him the best of luck with his new program. I'm a little worried about choosing it over SportsCenter and messing up my routine (my one chance during the day to check out highlights), but I figure they'll do it right. As long as I can get my fill of sports news and they keep the silliness to a minimum, I'll be happy.

Also, there's nothing like being at the gym and hearing yourself talked about on the Bubba The Love Sponge show. That happened this morning, and it had me laughing out loud.

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