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The Ft. Myers Return

October 8, 2003

This morning, the Bubba The Love Sponge show made its return to the Ft. Myers market. The show is now heard on Real Rock 92.5, which is an active rock station owned by Meridian Broadcasting. Bob Grissinger and Fritz were both excellent in making things happen on their end, and we're thrilled to be back just three months after the death of Real Radio 100.1.

Meanwhile, the teaser page for is now up (thanks to John Boogades). So far, so good...

Syndicated radio personality Phil Hendrie is speaking out against the embarassing behavior of Tampa Bay Bucs DT Warren Sapp. With Devil Rays baseball now done for 2003, Hendrie now airs uninterrupted weeknights on 970 WFLA in Tampa. This has also lead to many callers from the area getting through, leading to a number of hilarious situations on the program.

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