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October 30, 2003

Nashville, here I am, safe and sound. The 1 hour long flight from Tampa felt like five minutes, thanks to the wonders of Dramamine-enduced sleep. Due to working as late as I could, I got to the airport late enough to only end up in the Southwest Airlines boarding group "C". To make matters worse, I couldn't land a window seat, and the two guys to either side of me knew each other and decided to try talking across me. No worries though, I slept through their rudeness like a rock.

I found out tonight that Tuesday's column is how my bro Matt found out about our family dog Butterscotch dying. That's depressing. My Mom was going to call and tell him, but hadn't had the chance yet before he read the column. Ouch. Definitely not the way I wanted that to go down.

My sister Mary Beth is giving her try at writing online with her Bunibone's Xanga Site. Her saying that she forgot how much I talked is funny. What does she expect, I haven't seen her since May...

Father Ryan plays Baylor tomorrow night, and I'll be there to see it in person.

The Ned t-shirts arrived from the printers yesterday, and they look great. Get yours on beginning at Midnight EST on November 1st. Plus we'll have the brand new Morning Domination CD/DVD release on there, along with our remaining catalog CD material. I cannot wait to see how it all works out. We're going to have signed copies of Morning Domination available as an option for the first two weeks on, which should help drive those sales (and be fair to people who listen via XM and aren't anywhere near the areas where our CD signings will be taking place).

Tomorrow Matt gets into town, I'll get to see Mary Beth perform in the Father Ryan marching band at the FRHS homecoming game at Vanderbilt Stadium, and I might even end up at a Halloween party via Richard Karg. Should be fun to see how that all plays out...

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