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October 2, 2003

Tough luck Red Sox fans... You're down 0-2 to the Oakland A's in your Best-Of-5 series. Fenway will be rocking for Game 3, but still that's a tough one to dig out of. I think I speak for Yankees fans everywhere when I say: HAHAHAHAHAHA!

Of course, as I type this, my team, the New York Yankees, are tied at one in Game 2 of their series with the Minnesota Twins. If the Yanks drop tonight's game in the Bronx... that'll be a very tall order to overcome.

Is it just me, or is the Fox Sports promo line saying "the most interesting stories are in the NFC, and the NFC is on Fox" seem both ridiculous and untrue? ABC carries some all-NFC games, and CBS gets a number of NFC-involved games as well. Bullocks, I say. Did the Seahawks suddenly become a more interesting case topic because they flipped conferences in 2002?

Toronto Blue Jays orange uniform
Who approved this awful color scheme?

The temperature here in the Tampa area has dropped to a very nice level here in the past few days. As the rest of the country begins to prepare for the bitter cold of winter, people down here are ready to trade 90+ degree days for temps in the 60s and 70s. Not too shabby.

In a contest that borrows from two things I enjoy, and sports uniforms, ESPN's Page 2 is holding a "best uniform" vote. This is fun and all, though I'm not sure how Gonzaga made the list of 64. I'm more looking forward to the inevitable spinoff of "worst uniform ever." It will be tough voting between the seldom-used-but-horrid Toronto Blue Jays' orange uniforms from the late 90's and the Chicago White Sox's softball shorts circa 1978.

Radiohead is coming up on Saturday night... Should be fun. I talked with Scott Massey today, and the travel plans to West Palm are set...

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