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October 21, 2003

My friend Gary Graham's trip to Tampa this past Sunday was nixed due to a last-second complication, but by chance he made it down from Orlando today. So, we took advantage of the timing and met up at Bennigan's (yes, the aforementioned Dale Mabry location), enjoying the happy hour appetizers and draft Heineken beer.

Road Warrior Hawk
Hawk (real name: Mike Hegstrand) was one-half of the famous Road Warriors pro wrestling tag team.

Later on, I gave Gary a few lessons in NCAA Football 2004 (shutting him out 35-0 as Michigan at Nebraska) before we paid homage to Road Warrior Hawk (the latest in an all-too long line of pro wrestlers to die premature deaths) in a Royal Rumble battle on WWE: Shut Your Mouth. It was rather eerie just how many deceased wrestlers were part of the 30 that we used: Owen Hart, Rick Rude, Hawk, Mr. Perfect, Andre the Giant... I could go on, but you get the point.

On a happier note, did I mention how nice it is living in Tampa? With friends nearby in Orlando, just down Interstate 4. Oh, and the whole warm weather thing starting to swing "Advantage: Lou" from now through mid-March. Enjoy freezing your ass off for the next several months, my northern friends.

Congratulations to my high school friend Phil Murphy, who got married earlier this month in New York. And big thanks to Josh Tenisci, who sent me these pictures of the event. I couldn't make it up there for the wedding, but I was there in spirit. Unfortunately there were no pictures of an intoxicated Josh doing the Memphis Strut across the dance floor or anything like that... but it looked like all had a good time there.

Something's been puzzling me for the past several weeks: does ESPN's Nick Bakay put his wife Robin on TV to show off that he has a hot wife, or does she make him put her on TV lest she stop giving up the ass? I need an answer on this one. The acting in the "Wagering Nick" skits I can't really pass judgment on, since I usually watch it with the closed captioning on at the gym on the morning SportsCenter replay (with Bubba The Love Sponge playing through my headphones, not offending any of the other early morning workout types like I used to when I'd blare him over the stereo system in the gym.)

Here's a weird thing I've noticed since I started doing the morning workout thing -- this one guy with a Rob Van Dam ponytail is in there usually watching the History Channel when I get there. I mean, I guess to each his own (and I'm a guy who's listening to Hot Talk and watching SportsCenter simultaneously), but for some reason it seems like an odd choice. Not as odd as, say, someone voluntarily choosing to watch the CBS Early Show, but whatever...

I missed out on all the good stuff in the Snapple cap giveaway on So I'm stuck with the Snapple soapdish/toothbrush holder. I wish I was making this up. The night before I was all set to get a Snapple t-shirt and Snapple shower curtain, but my printer wasn't configured so I figured I could wait. At work the next morning, I logged onto the site, only to find that they were all out of both the shirts and the shower curtains. I was livid. But, hey, it's a free giveaway. Live and learn...

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