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October 22, 2003

Richard Karg called me from Nashville last night, trying to get plans locked in for Guavaween 2003. He's flying standby via U.S. Airways, so his situation is going to be a little touch-and-go. Here's hoping it all works out. My brother Matt is already booked; I need to talk with John Pouncey to find out his plans, while it looks like now that Slick (Richard) will be making it to town on Saturday morning. This is going to be a madhouse.

At long last, my dentist's appointment comes tomorrow. My teeth have been hurting since my trip to Vegas in August. Unfortunately, apparently dentists in Tampa are in high demand, as it took forever to get booked for one within my insurance portfolio. But at 9 AM tomorrow, it's drill time.

Now, I'm not particularly font of fillings and drills and what not, but I don't have that inherent fear of the dentist's chair that some people have. Moreover, I'll take that little bit of discomfort over the pain of not being able to comfortably eat what I want. I mean, eating a bowl of Captain Crunch is enough to leave my gums swollen right now. You probably didn't want to know that... but point being, this should make things better. I hope.

The Yankees went up 2-1 on the Marlins in the World Series with a strong 6-1 win last night in Miami. The rain that fell made me glad that I ended up not going down there for the game... I mean, seeing a World Series game in person would be great and all, but those are some tough (or tuff) circumstances. Great pitching showdown between A.J. Beckett and Mike Mussina, though.

I'm proud to say that the site that I run for my Dad's company is newly redesigned, complete with the new logo. It's simple, but it effectively communicates the information that we want to get across. While I'm living the dream of pursuing a career in something I absolutely love doing, it's also great to be able to work with the family business, even if it's only in an auxillary role helping with web development and public relations work.

Guavaween 2001
You never know who might need some mouth-to-mouth treatment at Guavaween.

Slick called me late tonight to confirm his whirlwind weekend travel plans. Lock it in for Matt, Slick and Pouncey this weekend for Guavaween 2003. I talked with Matt tonight, and we discussed scheduling and costumes and what not. I really don't know what I'm going to go as. Rumor has it that Matt will reprise his Ultimate Warrior role from 2001, while Slick will possibly go as Elvis Presley and Pounce will be a vampire. I get the impression that wearing my "I'm not a beaver, I'm an otter" shirt will be too much of a cop-out... though that shirt is a good conversation starter with chicks, believe it or not.

I need to hunt down the plans for some of my Tampa crew for this weekend... Time is ticking, and it's going to be a madhouse keeping track of everyone, especially if I don't make a few well-timed phone calls now. Here's hoping that James will be able to get into the mix this Saturday (especially since we kicked it last year at Guavaween 2002) -- throwing him in with the likes of Pounce and my bro would really be something to see.

The old hard drive that came with my Dell computer is now officially dead. I finally extracted the last few important files from it tonight before taking a hammer to it. Boom! I had no idea how much fun I'd have doing that...

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