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One More Time

May 30, 2004

"Keep some sorrow in your hearts and minds
For the things that die before their time"
-Counting Crows "Mercury"

Tonight is, in all likelihood, the final airing of the tremendous show Line of Fire on ABC. With four episodes left in the can (after the first run went on hiatus with the return of NYPD Blue for February sweeps), ABC decided to combine a two-part episode into a Sunday night movie special. With The Sopranos and Deadwood being off this week (to build up for the big Sopranos season finale next week), this is the perfect time for ABC to give it a shot. That network has broken my heart too many times by killing off shows too soon, and barring a ratings miracle tonight that's the same fate that will likely befall Line of Fire. But at least we got to see two more hours of it before it went. And there's something to be said for that.

Bill Cunningham's 28th birthday was a fun time on Friday night. I treated him to dinner at the Jax Grill, then we drank a little here and played some ESPN NHL Hockey 2004 (which was great fun) before heading out to Ybor. It was a good time. It's nice having him in town.

Not much else to say for now... Have a safe Memorial Day everyone.

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