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Extended Weekend

May 31, 2004

"No masterpiece was ever created by a lazy artist."
-Salvadore Dali

As I type this, the first period intermission of Game 4 between the Lightning and Flames has arrived. It's 1-0 Tampa Bay... It's a pivotal game for Tampa Bay -- falling down 3-1 to the Flames would be extremely difficult to recover from. I'll give Calgary credit; in this game, and the series as a whole, they've done an excellent job in choking out Tampa Bay's power play, with more shorthanded opportunities than I can ever recall seeing in one series. Though, the exception tonight was Brad Richards' power play goal in the first; if Tampa Bay's lead holds up, Richards will break the record for the most game-winning goals in a single playoff year.

This has been one of those glorious hang around the house and do nothing days. Well, I have done some things, though besides some webpage work, the most productive things were some fun online matchups on NCAA Football 2004 and listening to some various radio stations online from across the country. That might be as exciting as a trip to the DMV for some of you, but I've enjoyed it. And with me trying to not go out and spend a bunch of money, that's worked out just find by me.

Nature Morte Vivante
This is Nature Morte Vivante by Salvadore Dali.

My friend Katt has struck a deal with me to design a website for her. She's done quite a bit of modeling work, and I need to rendez-vous with her to get the pictures so I can start to put the pics together and build the page and what not. See my very early, very basis, just get something up page at (since Katt did her Playboy Girlfriends under the name Kathleen, and that's the name she wants to use for modeling, that's what we went with for the site). I was actually shocked that was still available, but it's ours now!

Since there's no deal officially signed as of this writing with Bubba and his likely new broadcast carrier, it looks like I'll be in town through this weekend. Which is good, since my parents and sister are coming down to visit late this week, but that visit is contingent on me not being in New York City on business. Believe me, I'm anxious for us to get the deal signed, but with this one it would work out well for me if I can stay in town and be here for them to visit me. I'll probably take a PTO (Personal Time Off) day on Friday, as they'll be getting to town on Thursday, then we can hang that night and spend all Friday and Saturday together. I'm hoping we can go see the Salvadore Dali art museum down in St. Petersburg. I've been wanting to see that place since I moved here three plus years ago. It'd be perfect, since it would be something for us all to do together, nothing too expensive, oh yes and it would be air conditioned.

As for why the Dali museum is in St. Pete, of all places? Here's the reason I found online: It's a long story, and has to do with Dalí's biggest patrons not wanting to break up their collection, so no "big name" museum would accept all of it. Finally, St. Petersburg offered to build a museum for the collection. It has some of his most important works... Interesting, eh?

I've been reading the book Angels & Demons by Dan Brown that my friend Stacey from work let me borrow. It's fascinating, and definitely one of those books that's tough to put down. Brown is great at throwing in intellectually-solvent plot twists and challenges for his characters.

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