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May 19, 2004

I admit it, I've been watching this season of The Bachelor on ABC. It's been interesting having NFL QB Jesse Palmer on there since it adds that extra layer of "What if he makes a total ass of himself?" to the show (though he never did lose his cool). The chick that he picked to win (Jessica) was a good selection. Gorgeous blonde 21 year old California girl... good times.

A few random thoughts: Gas prices at the ripoff Shell station near where I work in Tampa are at $2.03 for regular unleaded. Good grief. This is what it was like in Oakland in March... You people who make u-turns directly in front of the No U-Turn sign on Cypress at Occident in Tampa really piss me off. I really don't know why, except maybe because them doing that makes my commute to work that little extra bit longer, since I'm seeing this while waiting behind them in the left turn lane... Work with BTLS is going great, as I can access the website now and make changes. With that and hopefully a return of the show here very soon, the future looks promising.

My sister Mary Beth wrote this in her weblog yesterday, and I want to address it here:

"THANK YOU for realizing you needed to quit partying so hard (thank God). Now if only my brothers could learn from you...they worry me sometimes."

I've contacted her privately about this particular case, but I want to serve notice right now. If someone has a beef with me or something they have a problem with, please address me with it directly.

As for the issue of me partying too hard, I think that's pretty laughable. But then again, my sister's impression of my nightlife here is the "Greatest Hits" descriptions of the party scene and the fun off-the-chain stories and what not, so I suppose that might give one an off-kilter impression.

Martin St. Louis
I plan to buy a Martin St. Louis jersey.

One thing I neglected to mention yesterday was that Bill Cunningham and I talked a bit about the passing of David Rodgers and how well-liked he was by everyone at Father Ryan. Bill noted the same thing that I had written on here about David, how no one ever had anything bad to say about him. We lamented his death and how unjust it was that of all the people to have something like that happen out of our class, it would be someone as good as David.

The Tampa Bay Lightning are one game away from the Stanley Cup Finals. They'd face the Calgary Flames, who beat the San Jose Sharks tonight to capture the Western Conference Championship. That Calgary/Tampa commute would be a bitch for people following the Finals, but these are the sacrifices we make for sports.

I wonder how tough it would be to get a ticket to the Finals, should the Lightning make it (I know, I know, don't jinx them). For that matter, a Game 7 at home on Saturday night would be one hell of a fun time. The prices are a touch steep, and it will be sold out in all likelihood before Game 6 is finished. Though, my preference is to see Tampa Bay win at Philly tomorrow night and move on to the Finals.

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