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Lightning Drama

May 21, 2004

The Tampa Bay Lightning were less than two minutes away from the Stanley Cup Finals, and then Keith Primeau scored a game-tying goal to force OT. The Philadelphia Flyers went on to win in OT, meaning that Game 7 of the Eastern Conference Finals will be in Tampa tomorrow night.

Ray Liotta
"Wait a minute, they want me to play a 17 year old in the movie?!?"

And, thanks to hockey interest being somewhat tepid here in the greater Tampa area, tickets (at least as of last night) are still available for the game. I'm incredibly tempted to hop on the trolley, ride down to the Forum, and see some Tampa Bay hockey history. Even if it means paying $75 for a ticket. Being there to see a Game 7 would be something nice. I've probably already waited too long, and I already have plans to hang with my friend James on Saturday night, but still... that will be something special.

A thought occurred to me last night: if they make a movie about Flyers captain Keith Primeau, he'd be played by Russell Crowe. With plenty of fightin', of course.

Speaking of movie roles, my friend Ryan Priest sent this via e-mail, regarding the pic in the 5/18 column from my high school days:

It's nice to see you had hair at some point in your life. If you're ever looking for a celeb to play "Young Lou" in PICKNEY: THE MOVIE, I think you should go with Ray Liotta.

Well, that might work if Ray Liotta (Goodfellas, Hannibal, Blow, etc.) wasn't going to turn 50 in 2005. Though I suppose if Howard Stern can play himself as a high school student in Private Parts and if Ian Ziering could have the long run he had on Beverly Hills 90210, Ray Liotta can play the role of high school Lou.

This Tecate ad campaign is drawing anger in California.

The Tecate beer ad campaign (shown to the right) is drawing the ire of some people in California. Yes, this is the era of hypersupersensitivity. There's actually an organized effort in effect to pressure Labatt (the distributor) to pull the ads (which are set to run out at the end of the month, anyway).

As long as we're talking billboards, what's the deal will them having numbers at the bottom now? I noticed that not too long ago, the billboards here in Tampa had numbers added to them at the bottom (perhaps so people could complain about them and reference them by number?) The picture of the billboard from this column from March 2004 doesn't have an ID number. Now this is the sort of thing that most people would likely overlook, but I picked up on it. Granted, I don't know why they're there, but they're there...

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