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July 1, 2004

All of you Red Sox fans who were reveling in Boston's early season success can stick it. The Yankees swept the BoSox in a three game set, culminating with a 13 inning thriller tonight in the Bronx. With all the stars involved in the game, it's the "guy you've never heard of" who came through with the game winning RBI. Good times.

I've become fascinated with watching the World Series of Poker/World Poker Tour on TV. For some reason, No Limit Texas Hold 'Em is a really fun game to watch. I'd like to think that I could do pretty well at it in a tournament setting. Not that I have $10K or $25K to pony up for an entry fee, but if there was one with a modest amount, like $100, I'd give it a shot. Shaved head, menacing goatee, dark shades, yeah I could do it. It'd be more of a "hustler" look than a "hotel lounge" look that some of those guys have, but whatever. Or maybe to steal a line from Boogie Nights: "I could use a Spanish accent if you want, Jack." Because, clearly, a fake foreign accent helps you play Texas Hold 'Em better. But if they ever have a Texas Hold 'Em tournament at the Hard Rock Casino just up I-4 with a low entry fee, I'd seriously want to get in on that. "I'm all in!"

Another day, another friend from UE finds me via an unrelated internet search (in this case, it was a search for Robin Bakay). This time the former acquaintance was Brad Shoemaker, who helped me break into the TV news biz back in 1997:

Interesting enough, I was doing a search on Robin Bakay (she did a recent appearance on "Mark Parick on Sports" with FOX Sports Radio (her and Nick her husband). Anyway, I had realized I remembered Nick’s voice, but couldn’t remember what he looked like and I also happened upon Robin and figured I would see what they both looked like. I did a search and one of the things I found was a page called

I thought, I know a Lou Pickney, this wouldn’t be the same guy right? Well after going to your bio, and reading one of your former residences was in Evansville it made me think there was something to it. Then seeing your University of Evansville, I knew for sure I had known you for a brief time in Evansville.

I am Brad Shoemaker. I worked as the JazzFlight Producer in 1996-1997. I also had a job at WEHT for a while and when summer came up, I think it was you I recommended as a good replacement, if not it was someone in the Sports department. I never returned to UE after my first year, although I had just won the VP of the Resident Students Association over my roommate Steve and I wound up going the next semester to the University of Southern Indiana where I studied Radio and TV.

Brad was right -- it was me who he recommended for that job at WEHT that helped me get in the TV news biz. It was crazy how it turned out, as I would've been on the outside looking in had it not been for Brad losing his housing for the summer and having to move back home. Because of that I managed to break into the business and ultimately get a job in TV news here in Tampa, where I am now. Funny how things work out sometimes, eh?

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