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February 13, 2006

"And the first place that's on your mind
The first place you'd find each time"
-Beth Orton "Paris Train"

Is it just me, or is that shot of Keifer Sutherland that they show at the end of 24 look really strange? You know, the one where the camera pans around his face slowly and he has this odd smirk and the voiceover guy says, "Up next, scenes from next week's all new episode of 24." I noticed it yet again tonight and wondered if I was the only person who found it strange.

As my mysterious friend L1 in Atlanta noted, we're now less than four weeks away from the start of the long-awaited new season of The Sopranos. That show was spot-on brilliant in its first two seasons. Even after its slight decline, I've still found it to be one of the best programs in American television history. My hope is that this season is where the dozens of loose ends begin to draw together and the walls come tumbling down for Tony Soprano.

Another great show is Lost, which has retained its smart writing and captivating plotline in this, its second season. It has to be confusing for people just tuning into the show for the first time, but for longtime viewers the time commitment is really worth the payoff.

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