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February 12, 2006

"Cause these words are my diary, screaming out loud
And I know that you'll use them, however you want to"
-Anna Nalick "Breathe (2 AM)"

How come local car commercials often feature the spokesperson bragging about how much business they do? Wouldn't it make more sense to talk about having good deals, or good service, or what you can offer the customer? I don't get it. That's bugged me for a long time, but I just saw a commercial and it prompted me to start writing.

I watched some of the Winter Olympics tonight. The snowboarding stuff was interesting to see in prime time. It was like SSX Tricky, only the real life version of it. I was expecting a big "3X" symbol or a power up to appear on the course. Okay, not really, but I felt like writing that.

As I type this, ESPN Classic is showing the "Rumble In The Jungle" match from 1974 between Muhammad Ali and George Foreman. That was great fun to watch. 32 years later and it still holds up. Ali's rope-a-dope strategy was simply brilliant.

I've watched more college basketball recently than I have since my senior year of college. I'm going to be hard-pressed to pick against Duke in any March Madness pools. J.J. Redick is an amazing player.

There's comedy, and then there's TV news comedy. Kudos to KRON in Phoenix for pulling off an entertaining segment in what was a chaotic situation. Click here to see what I mean.

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