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August 2, 2003

"A drunk man's words are a sober man's thoughts."
-J.C. Cuadra, April 2003, at Rick's Cafe in Starkville, MS

Last night took a number of interesting turns. In many ways it was like a three-part evening: Brent's wedding reception/party (he and his new wife Amanda got married last month out of town, and this was for friends/family who lived here to be able to celebrate with them), then Market on 7th in Ybor, and finally hanging at my apartment with two people I'd just met that night, staying up till 5 AM to watch the Bucs/Jets game live from Tokyo, Japan. You just never know what'll happen on a given evening, especially in this crazy city.

Thomas Jones
The 2003 NFL pre-season is finally here.

I only stayed up till 6 AM, then 24 hours of no sleep (and a fair amount of coldbeer) kicked in and I tapped out. But the new season is here, and that's allllright by me.

Quote of the night had to come from DeAnn, a friend of Kim Martin's, who basically told me I stood a much better chance of getting laid on any given night by cleaning up my apartment (which is pretty much a pigsty right now; I wasn't expecting to have company over). As she put it: "You've got a nice place, you're not a bad looking guy, you have a really cool job... get this place looking right and girls will be wanting to f*** you... Girls think that a guy that can take care of his apartment can take care of a woman." It's like I have my own consultant or something. Though in this one I think she's pretty spot-on correct.

In a related note, I think I'm going to do some cleaning work when I finish with this column...

It was funny hearing some people at 98 Rock talk about this webpage yesterday. Brent even mentioned how I'd put him over on here before. Glad you guys are checking it out. Unfortunately my main page on here looks like amateur hour right now, as I've been spending my time and energy designing new websites (from to Draft King). But soon enough I hope to give the front page a sharper look.

Things with Bubba are going great as far as lining up new stations. I'm not at liberty to go into details on here, but rest assured that when I can, I will.

A thunderstorm tore through Hillsborough County early this afternoon. It knocked the power out briefly, just long enough to reset my PS2 in the middle of a Mississippi State shelacking of Southern Miss in NCAA Football 2004. Argh. The wind was brutal, and it sounded like it was hailing outside at one point. Now there are shreds of palm tree tops laying in the side street outside of my apartment. If I had a digital camera, I'd snap a few shots and put them on here. The area by the gate at the Ybor City Brewing Company is especially littered with tree debris. That's a tough spot; last week I saw a car literally catch fire right by the gate (luckily a cop was driving by and helped the girl by dousing the flames, but the next day there were still burned-out car remnants left behind as a not-so-nice surprise for the beer brewers).

The Punisher
Filming for The Punisher has begun.
My friend Ryan Priest pointed out a book that he recommends as a counter to Bias by Bernard Goldberg. It's called What Liberal Media? by Eric Alterman. I enjoy hearing both sides of an issue (though there are never just two sides, but at least there are contrasting viewpoints).

In one of the more ironic things I've read in awhile, taping is underway for the new movie The Punisher, which is slated for a mid-2004 release. What's ironic about it is that the taping is going on right here in the Tampa Bay area, at Bay News 9 among other places. I joked with my friend Brook Gardiner that it's an attempt by his fantasy football team (the Washington Punishers) to infiltrate my Tampa fan base. Here's the full story for those of you who care.

Time now to do a little cleaning... and maybe clean up tonight, if you know what I mean.

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