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September 22, 2004

I'm in the GMail club as of this morning. Marvin Tarver (who I worked with at Channel 10) was nice enough to extend an invitation to me to join on there. I don't have any invitations of my own to give out, and since it's still in beta testing it's not like everyone can sign up. But an entire gig of storage space seems mighty nice to me, especially compared with Hotmail's pea-sized storage space. Not to mention the fact that Hotmail tends to block messages that are supposed to get through sometimes -- I say "block" because "lose" would imply things that I can't prove. But if this works out, LouPickney at may become my #1 e-mail address.

From the "Oh, you think so, doctor?" file: on the CBS Sportsline pick 'em that I'm in with my friend Mark Branson (who I also worked with at Channel 10), Sportsline offers up this brilliant nugget on info: "Tip: For each game, select the team you think is going to win." Oh, and I thought I'd take the Dolphins since they can't move the ball at all on the ground. Luckily Sportsline is there to set things straight.

I put up an entire trunkful of Bubba for Sheriff signs today in Pinellas County (which is quite alot when you consider the depth of the "mafia trunk" in my Honda Accord, aka "Lou Jr.") The reactions from people were interesting. One guy berated me, another told me to f-off, but I also got some honks and thumbs up of approval. One guy stopped at a light even asked me where I bought the shirt I was wearing (a long sleeved purple shirt, which was highly impractical for the setting, but I didn't anticipate it being a sign day). Unfortunately I didn't think to bring sunscreen, so now my head is lobster-red. D'oh!

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