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September 21, 2004

One of the more interesting aspects of the internet is the effort that some people put forth to get their website listed in as many places as possible. Do a search on Google or Yahoo! for "Add URL" and you'll see how many sites out there (particular FFA or "Free For All" sites) utilize that particular two word phrase.

Tonight should be nice, as we're having a big volunteer meeting for the Bubba For Sheriff 2004 campaign in Clearwater. It'll be great to meet up with the volunteers and get their feedback about everything.

Meanwhile, for reality TV show fans this evening will be a big event. It's the season finale for both Big Brother 5 and The Amazing Race. If the Bowling Moms win on The Amazing Race, I'll want to punch somebody. Meanwhile, I still think Drew made a very poor decision to bring Cowboy to the final two versus Diane (even though she came across like a complete bitch), though I still hope Drew wins.

In a sad note, I heard today that Dr. Caroline Dow has passed away. She was my original Mass Comm advisor at the University of Evansville, and while she left the school during my tenure there, I certainly do remember her. Actually she was out of town when I was there for my summer orientation in the summer of 1995, and I was stuck with a professor who was on his way out to "help me" with my schedule. That guy put me in the highest level of the three Chemistry classes, which had the PT majors and the hardcore smart Chemistry students. I didn't last very long in there. Luckily, Dr. Dow proved to be a sage advisor, and her help in building my schedule never sent me off course. I remember her giving me the straight-up scoop on the difficulty level of various teachers, which was a candor that I both needed and appreciated...

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